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EBA LogoEBA Europäische Bildungsakademie gGmbH is a non-profit education provider and association of friends and supporters of the idea of life long learning within and beyond the European Union. Since its founding in 2006, EBA has given many people the opportunity to get to know each other across borders. EBA’s activities range from further education, vocational training, language and integration courses to seminars, workshops and international exchange and internship programs.

Among others, EBA offers in service training activities to German language teachers as well as further education to youth and social workers under the Grundtvig (IST) program scheme. Through and within these activities EBA provides opportunities for personal and professional development, supports the acquisition of international core competences
for learners from a variety of different backgrounds and fosters the inclusion of people at risk of social exclusion such
as unemployed, migrants, disabled, elderly and unskilled young adults.

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The Association Nachbarschaftshaus Urbanstraße was founded in 1955 and is a neighborhood-based infrastructure facility. The four pillars of the work of the house are :

– Local community work and civic engagement

– Education and training

– Neighborhood and Culture

– Employment and training .

Various offers are made on the needs of the residents of the neighborhood, the district and range of social counseling , teaching and course programs , creative design , support groups , employment and much more up to the active development of the common life of the world.

We work across generations and with all interested parties, especially people with fewer opportunities such as migrants, people with disabilitie , long-term unemployed , single parents, victims of poverty and people who are afraid of losing their immigration status or their living room to allow them a chance equal participation in society. We are trying the feeling of responsibility to support people to the motto: “Everyone helps him who needs it .”



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